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D'Addario Electric Bass Half Round Pure Nickel Super Soft Long, .040 - .095, ENR70

D'Addario Electric Bass Half Round Pure Nickel Super Soft Long, .040 - .095, ENR70
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By Gerry D.
D'Addario Pure Nickel Super Soft ENR70 Set
May 26, 2011
I have been playing bass guitar for over forty years. I bought these for my fret less custom built bass. (Yea I know, an old Fa*t...But I can out rock the best of them...It ain't about age...it's all about getting it right).

Frankly I am surprised and well pleased with the brightness these strings produce.

I might try them on some of my other bass guitars...

Half-round with brightness very close to round wound strings and without the fret wear...

I used both fingers and pick...to play them...All in all...very well done D'Addario...

Try them, they won't break you budget, and like myself...you might be very pleasantly surprised...

I will no doubt use these in the future, at least for the fret less bass...
By Joy H.
d'addario electric bass half round pure nickel super soft long .040- .095
January 18, 2011
I recently purchased a '78 Fender fretless bass and have just put these strings on. Absolutely love 'em. They feel like butter, and play beautifully.
By anton l.
half rounds review
November 16, 2009
I got these when they first appeared, way back in the 70s, and I use 'em still. great string-to-string balance, just a slight fingertip grip that says "yeah, i used to be a roundwound, before my transformation".. not as smooth of course as flats, but definitely not grip-y like rounds... a slick, very fast feel. The sound is completely ballz-y and as bright as a round, really very punchy. GREAT for fretless, great for fretted chordal, as they don't have that "https://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/juststringsshinnng" sound you get when you pull off of a roundwound. Go for 'em!






1st G

Pure Nickel Half Round Wound



2nd D

Pure Nickel Half Round Wound



3rd A

Pure Nickel Half Round Wound



4th E

Pure Nickel Half Round Wound




"In 1976 D'Addario developed the Half Roundâ grinding process, which made available the "third kind of string." Each Half Roundâ string starts as an oversized precision round wound string and is centerless ground to a smooth, precise final diameter. With a tone between their round wound and flat wound peers, D'Addario Half Roundsâ offer the advantages of a smooth exterior string (reducing finger noise and fret wear) while maintaining some of the brightness of a round wound string."

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