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D'Addario Classical Guitar Pro Arte Composites Normal, .028 - .044, EJ45C

D'Addario Classical Guitar Pro Arte Composites Normal, .028 - .044, EJ45C
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By Sparklin
January 14, 2013
My first time to try based on reviews. I am happy, happy, happy. Love they way they feel and sound. Highly recommend.
By musicboxted
D'Addario classical guitar pro arte composites
March 14, 2011
I have been using these for over 20 years. I tried Hannabachs, Savarez and Augustine Golds, but came back to these. They stay in tune and retain their tone qualities after quite a bit of use. They are also very affordable! What else can one say?
By R E.
February 7, 2011
Best strings I've ever used. They last forever and have a great sound.
By Kelvin F.
Pro Arte Composites
October 10, 2010
Beautiful strings. The sustain is almost overwhelming. The composite G is a vast improvement over the regular one although I think it could maybe be just a little thicker. I concur with another reviewer that the harder tension ones may be the better choice for the composite range.
By Robert O.
EJ45C Composites
April 23, 2010
Have had the strings on for some weeks now, and I like the way they sound and play. So far I am quite satisfied with them. I am going to try the "hard" ones next time to see the difference. Service from Juststrings is very good.....
By len
EJ45C strings
February 5, 2010
D'Addario has hit the mark with these strings. The whole set sounds beautiful and has been retaining sound quality much longer than the non composites, also string slipage seems to be less of a problem. I change every 40-60 days usually. The composite G is fantastic, Purists may have to decide if the G coloring and "stickier" feel is to their liking at first. Now, what to do with my six sets of non composites?
By Billy R.
Just right!
February 2, 2010
My 5th set on this guitar. Probably never change... just right!
By Larry H.
D'Addario Classical Pro Arte Composites
August 14, 2009
I've had nothing but positive results using these strings on three different guitars: Alhambra 9-P, Alhambra 5 CW, and Pavan TP-20. These strings compliment the sound of both the spruce and cedar soundboards. Each guitar maintains its signature sound, even when fresh strings are installed. No need to consider searching for the holy grail of strings.






1st E

Clear Nylon



2nd B

Clear Nylon



3rd G

Composite Polymer



4th D

Composite Core



5th A

Composite Core



6th E

Composite Core




"Pro·Arté classic guitar strings are just that -- classics. The treble strings are made from a harder formulation of nylon, and are precision extruded to guarantee a string that's even in diameter from one end to the other. And as an added quality-control measure, every single Pro·Arté treble string is hand-fed through a laser micrometer and sorting station to ensure that the string in your package tunes to the exact playing tension you're looking for.

Nylon is extruded in molten form; this process yields material that can vary in diameter by plus or minimum one thousandth of an inch. Though this difference is only about one fourth the thickness of a human hair, professionally trained classical guitarists can sense the contrast in string tension when the diameter varies by small amounts. The solution to the problem presented by this tension variable was to apply the latest technological advancements to the building of a sorting station, which utilizes a laser micrometer and a high-speed computer. The laser takes nearly 200 measurements on each string, compares and averages the data, and drops the measured string into the proper tension bin.

What's the end result? Every time you purchase your favorite tension of Pro·Arté  classics, you get the same exact string diameter to within four ten-thousandths of an inch.

The wound strings in the Pro·Arté line are wound with silver-plated copper or 80/20 bronze wires on D'Addario's own computer-controlled automatic winding machinery and are available in 4 different tensions for classic guitar.

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