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D'Addario Acoustic Guitar Nashville High Tuning, EJ38H

D'Addario Acoustic Guitar Nashville High Tuning, EJ38H
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By Ted
new to nashville tuning
July 4, 2021
really liking the voicing with these strings. fast shipping, as always
By m C.
vero beach fl
try this tuning
November 9, 2019
FYI, a Nashville tuning is the 2nd course of a 12 string guitar. The " Octave tuning ".
this is a really cool tuning if you are a rhythm player and play with other rhythm players.
I'm sure you've been there, 2, 3, or more players all strumming the same song at the same time. It sounds like....well to much. But with a guitar tuned "Nashville" you punch through .
All your bass lead ins for your chords are an octave above the others and make for a wonderful orchestral sound.
These strings are perfect, just slap them on, no robbing other sets. They sound so good i now build a specially designed guitar for this tuning. Perfect if you have a 2nd guitar lying around.
VERY easy on the neck as there is less tension on the neck then a standard med-light set .
Give them a try. you'll love them.
  • EZ on the neck
  • Perfect for playing with others
  • Great to mulititrack with a standard tuned guitar.
  • This tuning played along with a standard tuning gives the sound of a 12 string
  • perfect to play along with a ukulele
  • low E could be a bit heavier
By catbutler
Nashville tuning
July 28, 2016
I grabbed up two sets and restrung my 12 string. Amazingly rich sound that way. I'd been considering moving on from the 12 string as I don't play it often, but the Nashville tuning turns it into an entirely different instrument.
By Daniel B.
D'Addario Acoustic Nashville High string
August 30, 2011
Wow! I was completely blown away by this sound, a 12 string sound without having a 12 string, this sounds great!
By Conrad S.
D'Addario Nashville High Tuning
May 19, 2011
Wow,I was in the process of buying a new guitar with Nashville Tuning and my wife suggested Just Strings and so I bought two sets, strung one of my acoustic guitars and the sound is almost angelic. I love them.Thanks, you saved me $800 buck.
By topcat
Nashville High Tuning
February 8, 2010
I had never strung my guitar this way before but the sound is really interesting. The bass strings and the G string are an octave higher than normal. This makes for some interesting chord inversions both for finger picking and strumming. If you only have one guitar, I wouldn't recommend stringing it this way. I have two guitars, one which I use to back up fiddle and mandolins for which the bass strings are essential to keep the beat and the fundamental bass back-up. It is still good to have another guitar keeping the bass while you play the high-strung guitar.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Plain Steel



4th D

Plain Steel



5th A

Plain Steel



6th E

Phosphor Bronze Round Wound




"In 1974, D'Addario pioneered the use of phosphor bronze wire for the winding of acoustic guitar strings. D'Addario phosphor bronze strings were an instant and enduring success. A more costly alloy, phosphor bronze was widely known as a durable, long-lasting material used in machine bushings and bearings. After months of searching, a wire company was located that agreed to make sample wires for testing on music strings. The results made history. D'Addario phosphor bronze strings are bright sounding and retain their brilliance longer than other bronze and brass alloys.

Round wound phosphors are available in 6 different gauges for 6 string guitar, 3 gauges for 12 string, and 4 gauges in the Flat Tops series. Flat Tops are round wound phosphor bronze strings that are lightly polished to reduce finger noise and fret wear, and are an excellent choice for noise-fee recording."

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