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D'Addario Acoustic Guitar 3 Pack Phosphor Bronze Environmental Medium, .013 - .056, EJ17-3D

D'Addario Acoustic Guitar 3 Pack Phosphor Bronze Environmental Medium, .013 - .056, EJ17-3D
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By fred
d'addario phosphor bronze
July 2, 2011
Top notch strings. Sound and play great, also very good price on the 3 pack.
By Antifluff S.
D'Addario EJ17-3D Phosphor Bronze 3 Pack
May 21, 2010
After trying & testing all of the all of the big name manufacturers of strings, D'Addario is clearly the best sounding string of them all (including the steel strings), hands down. Only other phosphor bronze I use now, on the E & A bass strings, would be the Ernie Ball which gives you a slightly darker tone w/ less attack & top, which is sometimes desirable.

The D'Addario Steel strings in the Set packs are also clearly better, giving you more tone, strength and longevity. When comparing to other steel string manufacturers you can actually feel the D'Addario strings by hand and tell that they are somewhat thicker & more robust in construction, which may be due to the Hexagonal Core that is unique to D'Addario strings.

The only way to know for sure is spend the money and do your own tests, but it costs you to do so. For me it was well worth a few hundred dollars to find out for my own ears.
By J C.
Guitar String Review
January 28, 2010
One of the best strings on the market today.Been using them for many years now never have a bad thing to say. Long lasting bright sound good price what more can I say. I put them on most of my guitars and I own many. So I give them 5 stars keep selling them great deal.

By Howard G.
D'Addario EJ-17s
November 28, 2009
D'Addarios are my go-to strings, don't care if it's cloudy or sunny, or if we're in or we're out of the money...I experiment with other brands, other alloys, but on my rosewood guitars, D'Addario phosphor bronze strings sound and play the best. They have the right balance of sparkle and warmth, and they retain their favorable properties for weeks. I may stray occasionally with other makers' strings, but invariably I come back to D'Addario. And hey-if Gillian Welch likes them, they're good enough for me. ; )






1st E

Plain Steel Ball End



2nd B

Plain Steel Ball End



3rd G

Phosphor Bronze Round Wound



4th D

Phosphor Bronze Round Wound



5th A

Phosphor Bronze Round Wound



6th E

Phosphor Bronze Round Wound



Gillian Welch plays EJ17.


"In 1974, D'Addario pioneered the use of phosphor bronze wire for the winding of acoustic guitar strings. D'Addario phosphor bronze strings were an instant and enduring success. A more costly alloy, phosphor bronze was widely known as a durable, long-lasting material used in machine bushings and bearings. After months of searching, a wire company was located that agreed to make sample wires for testing on music strings. The results made history. D'Addario phosphor bronze strings are bright sounding and retain their brilliance longer than other bronze and brass alloys.

Round wound phosphors are available in 6 different gauges for 6 string guitar, 3 gauges for 12 string, and 4 gauges in the Flat Tops series. Flat Tops are round wound phosphor bronze strings that are lightly polished to reduce finger noise and fret wear, and are an excellent choice for noise-fee recording."

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