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D'Addario Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Environmental Bluegrass, .012 - .056, EJ14

D'Addario Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Environmental Bluegrass, .012 - .056, EJ14
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By Blackwater B.
Racine, WI.
Value, Tone, & All you want for gigs
March 29, 2021
I am happy to be a strummer in a few bands. I have a couple Ibanez guitars and recently grabbed and Ovation to add to my rotation. I play EJ14's on them all. I like the bluegrass sets since I am tough on the D/G strings. I change them every other gig. I rarely break a string since I switched to the EJ14's. If you play out allot its a no brainer. Great tone that wont cost you much. I buy them 20 at a time. Great service and always in stock.
Low cost Great tone when finger picking or strumming Take a beating Not free!
By GmanSongWriter
Kingston, Wa
Great strings for my Collins
February 9, 2021
I play a lot of bluegrass and these strings have never let me down.
By Jack
December 23, 2020
Excellent service
By Stephen D.
Port Clyde,Maine
New Life
December 19, 2020
I have a Flinthill model 27 guitar that came to life when I put these D'Addario EJ14 strings on it.
I never bought decent strings for it and wasn't impressed with its tone.
Now I can't put it down and my Martin friends like to play it.
Deep bass and stays in tune when capoed.
By George M.
Love these srtings for bluegrass
December 19, 2020
Great strings at an even greater price.
I use then on Martin, S Yari, K Yair, Alvarez Yairi and Guild. These srtings are versatile and sound great on any guitar.
By Joe F.
Will buy again
November 8, 2019
Fast shipping. We love juststrings
By george l.
80/20 bronze
March 22, 2015
I put them on my Bourgeois d-150 and noticed a big difference in the sound of my guitar. The strings are brighter and have a nicer bass response and than the Martin strings I had on. I am very impressed with this product.
By Curly
Happy with the sound
September 13, 2013
I do indeed play bluegrass, so these strings had my name on 'em. Got a set last winter to try out. They seemed to take some time to "open up" acoustically, but the strings have proven to be durable and appealing over the long haul. I think I'm on my third set and plan to keep using them. I'm curious as to what the Phosphor-Bronze Bluegrass set sounds like, but I am loathe to mess with success.






1st E

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



2nd B

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



3rd G

80/20 Bronze Round Wound



4th D

80/20 Bronze Round Wound



5th A

80/20 Bronze Round Wound



6th E

80/20 Bronze Round Wound




"In the late 1930's, a young John D'Addario, Sr. met world famous luthier John D'Angelico (of course, at that time D'Angelico was not the household name amongst guitarists that it is today) and the two became close friends and business associates. These were the days before amplification, and D'Angelico, always looking for ways of getting more sound out of the guitar, encouraged D'Addario to experiment with new materials and methods. Together, they pioneered the basic set of acoustic guitar string core-to-wrap wire specifications that are now used the world over.

Their developments include the concept of using a smaller core-to-wrap wire ratio, the use of hexagon shaped core wires, the development of 80/20 bronze (technically known as brass), and the idea of giving guitarists the choice of light, medium, and heavy gauges. For decades D'Angelico and other leading luthiers purchased strings from the D'Addario family.

D'Addario's 80/20 bronze strings have the fullest fundamental low end and an extremely bright high end that tends to mellow more quickly than phosphor or 85-15 bronze alloys. 85-15 bronze alloys provide a more even tonal range." 

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