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D'Addario Electric Guitar Half Round Stainless Jazz Lite, .012 - .052, EHR350

D'Addario Electric Guitar Half Round Stainless Jazz Lite, .012 - .052, EHR350
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Very nice, well balanced strings
September 15, 2021
My favorite strings to date but they are a little hard to find so I'm grateful for JS for having them in stock, delivery was earlier than expected and I had no issues. Will probably buy again
By Gregory A.
Really nice strings
October 2, 2019
These are really nice strings. They sit between round wounds and flat wounds. They still retain some of the brightness of a wound string, but make far less noise than a full wound string. They are perfect for Jazz players who want to lose the noise but they are not as dull sounding as some flat wounds. I always buys these and keep a set on hand.
Great sounding smooth great playability Not as quite as full flat wounds
A Cut Above
September 27, 2019
I have always used these D'Addario Half-Round strings because they retain their tone much better than the regular flat wound strings and generally last longer.
EHR350 half rounds
February 5, 2011
Reduced finger noise [and fret wear I suppose] but still good tone and easy playing. I think I'll go to 13's though... .012 just a little on the loose side for me but OK. I like these a lot and you don't have to enlarge string groove w/ the nut like wounds of same gauge.
By Istvan
Jazz Strings
December 6, 2010
I find these strings to be evenly balanced with great Jazz tone. For anyone who wants a Jazz sound but is uncomfortable with true flats, these are for you.

I do find them to be a little stiff and they will take some getting used to, but it's worth it.
By Peter M.
Half Rounds
September 25, 2010
Good strings. Sound brighter than flats, sustain better, but they were a little too bright on my guitar. I play an Eastman T185MX with Seth Lover PUPs, and it made it sound almost a little twangy. I think they would suit a laminate semi-hollow very well. Or even a solid body. Might try it on my tele. Overall great strings just not a good match for my guitar.
By David B.
D'Addario Half Round strings .012
April 10, 2010
I've never been happy using flatwounds on my archtop because of the tonal difference between the wound and plain strings. These strings effectively address this problem. They are almost as bright as regular nickel-plated roundwounds, and brighter (to my ears) than pure nickel roundwounds, so the transition from the wound G string to the plain B is much smoother. Finger noise is reduced almost to the level of a flatwound string. They give a very convincing jazz sound, especially if you nudge the tone control down a bit; nicely balanced and articulate.






1st E

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



2nd B

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



3rd G

Stainless Steel Half Round Wound



4th D

Stainless Steel Half Round Wound



5th A

Stainless Steel Half Round Wound



6th E

Stainless Steel Half Round Wound




"Always in search of better string-making materials, D'Addario turned to 400-series magnetic stainless steel in the mid 1970's. Stainless steel wound strings offer even more brilliance than their nickel-plated counterparts, and the alloy is well suited for Half Roundâ and flat wound string constructions.

The round wound XLS line mirrors the sets in the XL nickel-plated series, combining the popularity of XL round wound strings with the unique qualities of steel. D'Addario Chromes are made with precision flat (ribbon) outer windings and polished to a fine high-luster. Each Chromes string is wound and polished on the same machine, with the string tension remaining constant between processes. Long the choice of jazz and fusion players, Chromes are available in three popular gauges.

In 1976, D'Addario developed the Half Roundâ grinding process, which made available "the third kind of string". Each Half Roundâ string starts as an oversized precision round wound string and is centerless-ground to a smooth, precise final diameter. With a tone in between their round wound and flat wound peers, D'Addario Half Roundsâ offer the advantages of a smooth exterior string (reducing finger noise and fret wear) while maintaining some of the brightness of a round wound string."

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