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D'Addario Acoustic Guitar Flattop Environmental Lite, .012 - .053, EFT16

D'Addario Acoustic Guitar Flattop Environmental Lite, .012 - .053, EFT16
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The Dalles, Oregon
Solved the problem
July 15, 2021
I had been using Elixir polywebs to minimize string noise when recording; after acquiring a new instrument, the Elixirs sounded "duller" than I liked, so I tried the D'Addario flattop strings, and they provided the tone I desired without excessive string noise. If they would come in 11 - 52, I'd buy the factory.
ProsFair price, excellent performance
ConsWould like to see one gauge lighter
By Fred
Mattapoisett, MA
December 22, 2020
Great strings, very smooth, quiet, and incredible sound would recommend for anyone's acoustic
By John
Pawtucket, RI
Flatwound acoustic
September 28, 2020
Amazing strings, sound and feel terrific!
By Ron S.
Lee's Summit, Missouri
I like "em
August 2, 2020
I wasn't sure of these when I ordered them, but after I put them on and used them for while, I really like them. They reduce the amount of string noise, are a little easier to play, and they seem to hold their tuning better. Nothing will totally eliminate the string noise of fingers sliding on the wound strings, but good acoustic sounds can be had, with minimum noise, by playing through a good quality amp and adjusting for minimum "rasp" and better left hand technique. In short, I like these strings and will use them again.
By John M.
Winston-Salem, NC
Pleasantly Surprised
December 13, 2019
I have had these strings on my Martin for a week, Maybe it is too soon to rate them, but I am so surprised at how this turned out I felt now was a good time. They do not get far out of tune between songs or day to day. Plus my fingers are smiling that they are pretty comfortable to play. The volume does not seem to be as loud as previous strings, but the difference is not so large. I am impressed also with how they sound.
By Steve
cornfields of northern Ohio
try 'em
November 9, 2019
I really appreciate the balance between strings. There is no string that's brighter or darker than its neighbors, so the tone is exceptionally balanced overall. That's especially nice when recording. That balance isn't dependent on playing style; it's there with chords and fingerstyle. Volume is good, and tone is excellent: warm and on the bright side but not too bright. The only thing I didn't care for at first is that they felt "sticky," for lack of a better term. They're not coated, so I suspect that's the reason for that initial feel. But I have noticed that after a couple of weeks that sticky feel is gone; now we'll see how they long they last. As a point of reference, I play very nearly everyday for maybe an hour to an hour-and-a-half on average, and typically change strings about every eight weeks. I hope D'Addario offers these strings with a coating; if they do and if the balance remains while the feel becomes more slick, these strings would be the best around for my guitars: BTO 814c Taylor, 612ce Taylor, and an old (late 70s) Alvarez Artist dread'. I've tried the 12-53 lights on the Taylors, and mediums on the Alvarez.
ProsBalance, tone, and volume.
ConsFelt a little "sticky" at first--see entire review.
By Dennis
Flat Tops EFT 116
June 30, 2016
Sorry, but I'd have left this alone 'til I saw the ' no finger noise' part of the ad. I wanted these to work on my ''30's archtop acoustic. They sure don't.
I don't know what they mean by 'ground flat', but if you're thinking 'quiet', these aren't it. Finger squeak, pick noise etc. these have it all.
If you want that Martin sound, and only play in the first position, maybe these will do. They don't for me.
And I wish D'Addario had a better Customer Service Dept.
By David L.
Keep going back
June 2, 2015
The sizzle of fresh regular PB and 80/20 strings is tiring to me. But these same strings that have been played long enough to rid them of that sizzle then begin to have dead frequencies (altered response and volume in spots).

The treated strings can be good, but they're more expensive.

These "flat tops" are what I keep coming back to. Great warm sound for weeks.
By Danny M.
D'Addario EFT16
September 10, 2011
I thought I would try these strings to eliminate string noise. It does stop string squeak but the wound strings sounded too flat to me. I soon changed them.
By Leonard M.
July 14, 2011
The "12's" are much better than the "10's". As one would expect they are are fuller and rounder sounding.

Regardless, I'll probably wind up with "13's" before it's over. With "13's" there's just more wire wigglin' and and the sound should be just that much stronger.
By Kojo
Flat Tops for Acoustic Archtops!
July 1, 2011
A terrible name for these precious, wonderful strings -- imo. The term "flat top" - to a guitar player - means what? Right - a flat-top guitar. Tennessee flat-top box. Acoustic, not archtop, but FLAT top.

But D'Addario is referring to the flat surface of these *strings* -- they're polished down _flat_ - to rid them of finger-squeaks. And these strings are AWESOME. For acoustic archtop jazz guitars, there is nothing even remotely as good. Loud, smooth, warm, and so evenly-balanced from bass to treble, you'll want to play all night. Super-clear overtones make for ease of tuning (if that makes sense! The "ring" they emit, whether played open or "chimed" at the 12th or 5th or 7th frets, is crystal clear, and if you tune away "beats" - you'll love these.)

Great strings. Try 'em. And, Mr. D'Addario: consider changing the name! I'd hate to see these go off the market because too many people misunderstood their purpose. They're great for "flat top" guitars - but also great for non-flat-top guitars! How about "Acoustic Smoothies?" Okay, not that, but, imho, it's better than "Flat Tops." : ) Of course, if they're selling great and have a secure future, don't change anything! Ha.
By Steve C.
D'Addario Flattops
May 2, 2011
Quiet, warm. The only string I have used for years.
By Tim B.
Flat Tops
May 4, 2010
Great to play, finger noise is dramatically reduced. Very nice tone. My only negative would be what I perceive to be a slight loss of sustain on the wound E and A strings, not quite as much on the D and G but still some there. Otherwise these strings would get a 5 star. Definitely buy again.
By Dieter
January 30, 2010
Much better quality and performance than I can buy locally.
By Michael O.
December 9, 2009
They hold their tone and cut down on amplified finger noise.
By Gary
Flat tops
October 12, 2009
Best acoustic strings EVER!!!! Makes my Taylor 810CE sing! These are the only strings I will ever put on my Taylor.






1st E

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



2nd B

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



3rd G

Flat Tops Semi-Flattened Phosphor Bronze



4th D

Flat Tops Semi-Flattened Phosphor Bronze



5th A

Flat Tops Semi-Flattened Phosphor Bronze



6th E

Flat Tops Semi-Flattened Phosphor Bronze




"In 1974, D'Addario pioneered the use of phosphor bronze wire for the winding of acoustic guitar strings. D'Addario phosphor bronze strings were an instant and enduring success. A more costly alloy, phosphor bronze was widely known as a durable, long-lasting material used in machine bushings and bearings. After months of searching, a wire company was located that agreed to make sample wires for testing on music strings. The results made history. D'Addario phosphor bronze strings are bright sounding and retain their brilliance longer than other bronze and brass alloys.

Round wound phosphors are available in 6 different gauges for 6 string guitar, 3 gauges for 12 string, and 4 gauges in the Flat Tops series. Flat Tops are round wound phosphor bronze strings that are lightly polished to reduce finger noise and fret wear, and are an excellent choice for noise-fee recording. Phosphor Bronze strings are available in both environmental and standard packaging."


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