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D'Addario Electric Guitar Chromes 7-string Jazz Lite, .011 - .065, ECG24-7

D'Addario Electric Guitar Chromes 7-string Jazz Lite, .011 - .065, ECG24-7
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Currently Burma/Myanmar
Great strings, unorthodox usage, your mileage may vary...
November 30, 2019
Plenty bright for flats, stay in tune excellently, fine for jazz, blues and interesting for heavier distortion. Tension a bit high, compared to rounds, but still bendable.

Have these on a six string Strat, thus the unorthodox implementation. It’s strung with the low B on up, but not using the highest/thinnest .011 string. So sorry I can’t comment on the whole set as it would normally be on a seven string guitar.

Before these my Strat had a set of Dunlop heavy 7 strings, with low B but not using the thinnest string. That set was great, even detuned to low A and the Dunlops held tune and played great. But this Strat has been modified with Duncan 59 full-size buckers in neck and bridge and a Duncan lil 59 in the middle for more of a jazzy, Les Paul, throwback vibe. So wanted to try flats, and in seven string the Chromes are about the only choice.

So these Chromes went on the Strat no problem and it was detuned to low A. But the A wouldn’t intonate. No surprise there, likely they will be ok on a full scale seven string, one with a longer scale than a Strat. To get the low A intonated I removed the spring from behind the saddle to get the saddle as far back as possible, still not perfect intonation but much better, acceptable to my finicky ear when tuned just right. Right now they are back up to standard low B and no issues with intonation.
  • Clear sound, versatile for flats, stay in tune excellently, even when dropped a bit.
  • Low B hard to intonate on shorter scale Strat, especially when in drop A, but you probably won?t implement them that way anyhow...maybe?
By Leo V.
D'Addario Chrome 7 Jazz Lite
January 20, 2011
Thank God these strings exist!

I was able to convert both my new Fender "Blacktop" Telecaster with humbucker pickups and my old Jazzmaster to Baritone Guitar configuration by installing the six lowest strings. Yes, it took some fingernail filing of the nut on the Nut of the Telecaster, and some sawing and filing on the Bridge of the old Fender Jazzmaster, with the same work on the neck nut, but now they are GREAT baritone guitars. And the strings all have the right tone and tension.

Oh, I tune to B E A D G C... five intervals for each string... they are like a little Basses. You can do both bass and lead guitar at the same time. Honestly, I don't know why more people don't go this same route.

But with D'Addario Chrome 7 Jazz Lites... and a few household tools... you can.






1st E

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



2nd B

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



3rd G

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



4th D

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



5th A

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



6th E

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



7th B

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound




"Always in search of better string-making materials, D'Addario turned to 400-series magnetic stainless steel in the mid 1970's. Stainless steel wound strings offer even more brilliance than their nickel-plated counterparts, and the alloy is well suited for Half Roundâ and flat wound string constructions.

The round wound XLS line mirrors the sets in the XL nickel-plated series, combining the popularity of XL round wound strings with the unique qualities of steel. D'Addario Chromes are made with precision flat (ribbon) outer windings and polished to a fine high-luster. Each Chromes string is wound and polished on the same machine, with the string tension remaining constant between processes. Long the choice of jazz and fusion players, Chromes are available in three popular gauges.

In 1976, D'Addario developed the Half Roundâ grinding process, which made available "the third kind of string". Each Half Roundâ string starts as an oversized precision round wound string and is centerless-ground to a smooth, precise final diameter. With a tone in between their round wound and flat wound peers, D'Addario Half Roundsâ offer the advantages of a smooth exterior string (reducing finger noise and fret wear) while maintaining some of the brightness of a round wound string."

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