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D'Addario Electric Guitar Chromes Flat Wound Extra Light, .010 - .048, ECG23

D'Addario Electric Guitar Chromes Flat Wound Extra Light, .010 - .048, ECG23
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By Ed g.
Chautauqua County, N.Y.
"Old dog, new tricks."
June 24, 2021
I've been playing a long, long time. Folk music, acoustic guitar. Years of gigs in coffee houses, from New England to Fla.. East coast to west. In the past year of isolation, I started listening to some other music, mostly Blues, and soft Jazz. I never gave much thought to flat wound strings. I have an Epi. 339, L.P., and , Gretsch jet in my electric collection. I've found it to be great fun to sit and play with, (jam) with CDs. I thought it may be time to try some new strings on the afore mentioned guitars. For the 339, I bought some ecg23s, I LOVE THEM! The smooth feel, soft tone, and NO string noise. Of course the only place to get them is from "Just Strings". Fast service, good price, great people. They have been keeping me in strings for, 10 or 11 years now. From Uke to Octave Mandolin, to banjo, dulcimer, and more. Just Strings, is the best place to buy the best strings
ConsI can't think of any.
By Joe R.
South Burlington, Vermont
Smooth as Silk, Perfectly Balanced
July 21, 2020
This strings are a real surprise. I thought I'd try a very light gauge and something unexpected happened. I'm actually getting better lows and midrange with the lighter strings. I put them on an ES-335 and a Joe Pass Epiphone jazz guitar. They are surprisingly agile and bright. They don't bend quite as easily as wound strings, or at least they don't sound quite the same when bent, I'd say about 70% as effective, but they work great with the Les Trem vibrato on the ES-335. They are mellower than comparable wound strings. After playing on these for a few days, going back to the same type of guitar with wound strings seemed very primitive. Wow, you really can get used to the smooth, silent sliding up and down the neck. Bottom line, these strings are fabulous. Also, because they're flat-wounds, they don't trap gunk as easily as wound strings do. Keep them clean by using Fast Fret, or at least wipe them down, and they should last a long time.
ProsSmooth as silk. Great balanced tone from highs to lows. Very easy playability.
ConsSlightly more difficult to bend strings.
By Steve
San Francisco
QC problem on the ECG23s?
November 14, 2019
I've been using the slightly heavier .011-.050 ECG24s for several years on an Eastman archtop and have had no complaints; good tone, long-lasting, great price. I'd give those five stars, given the competitive price. Recently I tried a set of the 23s (.010-0.048) on a Gibson 137, and right out of the bag they felt different -- not as smooth, almost like a half-round. Sound was OK but couldn't get past the rough feel. D'Addario graciously replaced them at no cost (via their "Players Circle" program.) The second set feels better but the wound G broke within a few minutes of stringing up, the inner core wire just snapped near the tuner. Think I'll go back to the 24s, but am wondering if any other players have tried the 23s and if so what do you think about the feel and quality control? Could it just be that it is harder to achieve a smooth, flat wrap on the smaller gauge (0.020) G string? I'd like to play a lighter gauge on the Gibson but these don't have the same feel as the other flats I've tried.
By Julian J.
San Francisco
Great Strings
October 4, 2019
Easy to play.
By Daniel P.
Roswell, GA
Good service, good product
October 1, 2019
I called with a question. It was answered an objective manner, explaining the pros and cons of different products. Given my description of what I was seeking, this product was recommended. I am very satisfied.
By Noel
D'addario Chromes
January 29, 2018
If you want a less shrill sound and/or like to slide a lot, flat are superior to round wounds.

I would add they are more comfortable in general; to me, they just feel nicer than flats.

D'addario's sound good and last well, so I haven't bothered trying others.
By David M.
October 6, 2016
Alhough I mostly use Brite Flats, Chromes are my favorite flats. They last many times longer than the Thomastics.
By Sly
''The'' Rockabilly Strings
September 6, 2011
These strings are obviously the best if you're looking for Rockabilly Style. Easy to bend & while still keeping the sound right with chromes strings..
By Tyler
The right flatwound...
April 14, 2011
I have pretty much tried every available flatwound on the market. If you want the brightest sounding flatwound strings, then these are the ones for you! These strings may not fill your appetite for the "mellow jazz sound" but that's what the other brands are for.

These strings work well in conjunction with P-90 pickups, giving a nice clean sound. These strings are awesome sounding on my Gibson Les Paul 60's tribute guitar...give these a ring...!
By rogerwilco51
Addario Chome Flat wound
April 11, 2011
Sweet strings.
By dh
best and lightest
February 9, 2011
Imho Dad's are the best flats, and there are no flats any lighter.

And there are no better places to buy strings than Juststrings.com.
By wild b.
D'Addario flat wound
October 31, 2010
Second brand I have tried. I am pleased with the sound and gauge.
August 28, 2010
Purchased 2 sets. One set contained only 5 strings. That is not good.
By Heymate
Electric Guitar Chromes Flat Wound Extra Light,
August 7, 2010
Perfect for my playing. I have an old Ibanez LR10 and these strings are just right for my jazz playing. I thought they might be too light but the bottom E and A have nice depth. I have a Fender Twin with JBL's. When I started playing, back in the late 50's, this type of wound string was called "tapewound" if I remember!! A great choice and two thumbs up!!
By Jeff P.
moving right along
May 27, 2010
I used these for years playing jazz of all sorts. Then I decided to try other brands and I got a few sets of Thomastiks and various other brands... I realized instantly that the plain steel strings D'Addario is putting in these and other string packs are sub-par junk.
By John H.
May 24, 2010
I just love these electric chromes flat wound. I put them on my 1955 National
jazz box and it's never sounded so good.
I hope that D'Addario keeps making 'em.
By lou b.
A new day
January 28, 2010
For years I have resisted the call to play lighter strings. You know, only REAL guitarists play heavy gauge strings. I finally gave in and tried 10-48's and i will admit I was wrong. My hands are not as strong or flexible as they once were, and these strings made a big difference. I recommend them for anyone struggling to barre strings or play licks involving rapid notes over many strings. It has been like night and day!
By gdave
flat wound 10's
January 17, 2010
Nice change. I have my US Hamer Artist strung up with this set of strings. Love it. It still has good distortion when over driven. sounds killer on the cleaner songs.
By E L.
D'Addario Chromes
November 21, 2009
Great strings, they resist corrosion and are the BEST for someone who has a nickel allergy!
By Scott S.
D'Addario Electric Guitar Chromes .010-.048
August 9, 2009
These strings are great. Smooth feel,with a mellow tone. They not only sound good, but resist corrosion better than most strings.






1st E

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



2nd B

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



3rd G

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



4th D

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



5th A

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



6th E

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound




"Always in search of better string-making materials, D'Addario turned to 400-series magnetic stainless steel in the mid 1970's. Stainless steel wound strings offer even more brilliance than their nickel-plated counterparts, and the alloy is well suited for Half Roundâ and flat wound string constructions.

The round wound XLS line mirrors the sets in the XL nickel-plated series, combining the popularity of XL round wound strings with the unique qualities of steel. D'Addario Chromes are made with precision flat (ribbon) outer windings and polished to a fine high-luster. Each Chromes string is wound and polished on the same machine, with the string tension remaining constant between processes. Long the choice of jazz and fusion players, Chromes are available in three popular gauges.

In 1976, D'Addario developed the Half Roundâ grinding process, which made available "the third kind of string". Each Half Roundâ string starts as an oversized precision round wound string and is centerless-ground to a smooth, precise final diameter. With a tone in between their round wound and flat wound peers, D'Addario Half Roundsâ offer the advantages of a smooth exterior string (reducing finger noise and fret wear) while maintaining some of the brightness of a round wound string."

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