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D'Addario Electric Bass Chromes Flat Wound Short Scale, .045 - .100, ECB81S

D'Addario Electric Bass Chromes Flat Wound Short Scale, .045 - .100, ECB81S
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By Max
Minneapolis, MN
Don't buy these for your Mustang bass.
April 14, 2022
They're far too short for a Fender Mustang bass with strings through the body. I'm out $37 bucks, but read this and save your money.
D'Addario does make great strings, I just wish these were a little longer. Too short.
By Dean
East Bay
Rich Tone, Great Fit
July 10, 2021
I have played Chromes on my various J Basses for many years. These went on a Fender Mustang (30" scale, strings through the bridge). The silk wraps fit just right at the nut and bridge, and the tone and feel are very familiar. Great for tumbao.
February 20, 2021
By Hoptown B.
Strings Are TOO short
March 14, 2018
Purchased a set of these strings for my Birdsong bass, and the strings are way too short. I contacted D'Addario's customer service and they weren't much help. I will not buy another set of D'Addario's again. If you play a short scale bass, don't buy these strings!
By BassMent
For TINY basses only!
September 23, 2015
The description from D'Addario says that these strings will fit a 32" scale bass. This is utterly ridiculous. Tried to string these on a 30" scale Fender (strings through the tail of the bridge, NOT through the body), and the silk windings hung over a good 1/4" onto the fretboard. So, total waste of money. If you have a Mustang, Musicmaster, Rascal or Starcaster, DO NOT BUY THESE STRINGS. Chromes are the best flats on the market IMHO, but the sizing on this set is apparently exclusively for some miniature Hoffners and other basses under 30" scale.
By John
Great Strings
November 25, 2011
Chromes are very versatile, durable, awesome strings. They have a smooth flat wound feel, without cutting down on your high end severely. Roll the tone knob back and get that vintage flat thump; it's the best of both worlds.

Anyone who says they "do not fit" on a short scale bass, is trying to string a medium scale bass with a short scale set. If you have a Beatle bass or a Fender Mustang that strings through the body you want the medium scale set instead.
By Seth B.
An addendum to my earlier review
October 12, 2011
The D'Addario works well with the German Hofner, but I would stay away from the D'Addario if you bought the Asian made $400 budget model. An old friend of 30 years is a bass player and works at the city's premier guitar retail new and used store. They have had Hofner bass guitars collapse, cave in and fail in catastrophic ways with this string set. Mine was made in Germany and is no longer offered at this time and is the 1963 re-issue with the cantilever neck that allows the full area of the top to vibrate. It had the D'Addarios on it before I got it, and my real 1964 club model also has them, but I went with a nylon flat wound tape, then the Pyramid which is expensive, but it is a 47 year old bass. The German bass has a non pinned bridge so it moves. The Asian ones were glued down for some reason. After hanging out at Klesi Music since I could walk (my Uncle Klesi and Aunt Betty's store), I can carefully try to break any guitar and see how well it is built without crushing it. I would strongly advise against doing this without 40 years of practice and a natural ability to feel something give before you break it. YOU NEED BOTH OF THESE SKILLS. The Asian made Beatle bass creaks and cracks. My German one from 2000 is sturdier than some of my solid body bass guitars. The 60's ones are a bit less rigid but not as bad as the Asian models. I still like this string as I can change them often. I have been playing another bass lately and am using round wounds on a late 80s Ibanez RD747 that now takes the place of my Fenders (all of the 34" scale Fenders). If JustStrings recommends not to use these on a Hofner I would follow their advice. Since mine had been equipped with them for 7 years before I got it and I went ahead with using them. Personally I do not use D'Addarios on my guitars because of the aluminum ball ends. They will not take solder for putting them on my guitars with Kahler Flyer tremolos.
By Carol
Great strings!
September 6, 2011
I purchased these for my Gretsch Electromatic Junior Jet, and they are a perfect fit. They sound great, feel great, and allow me to actually lower my strings (I like low action). These feel good on my fingers, too - they're smooth, and quiet. Great price, too!
By James
Price is only good thing about these
August 20, 2011
they are cheap, but too short and just dead tone- wise. I have a bass with a really short scale and the fabric wrapping starts just past the nut. Killed the volume and tone. I have used other flatwounds without this problem
By ron b.
July 4, 2011
Good strings...will use again.
By JohnK
June 25, 2011
Great feeling and sound flatwound strings for a very reasonable price.
By Bill T.
Perfect fit for Ibanez Mikro
January 30, 2011
These were a perfect fit for my Ibanez Mikro (28.5" scale). Love the classic sound they produce -- especially in the "P" neck pickup mode. Gives you the "thump" sound of 60s-70s rock bass without losing harmonics on D/G strings. Great compromise between standard roundwounds & flats.
By John N.
D'Addario Flat wound short scale
October 21, 2010
Not sure what all the hub-bub is about here... I use these for my '76 Fender Musicmaster and my Jerry Jones Longhorn, have for years, and will continue to do so until they stop making them.
By Baixomama
Great strings!
September 3, 2010
to Jumbo Bob: check out this link:


They say "You cannot always tell the strings you need just by the scale length of your bass", and they explain how to tell if you need short, medium or long. It's not the fault of the strings themselves.
By Jumbo B.
D'Addario Bass strings
August 20, 2010

Dont' Buy... These strings are actually TOO Short. They will no fit my short scale Fender Bass. They are no good for anything. Save your money and buy Fender Bass strings!
By Rich R.
May 4, 2010
These strings are the only bass strings I use on my 1970
Epiphone Bass. They are quite simply the best for tone and performance.
Rich R
By AG W.
The above quoted strings are good strings
April 4, 2010
They're long enough to reach the tuners, they're the right diameter for bass strings and they sound good.
Maybe I shouldn't right reviews.
By Seth/Satchmoeddie/Burgin
short scale bass strings for a Hofner
August 14, 2009
[PLEASE NOTE: JustStrings.com does not recommend this set for use on a Hofner]

I had my mgr. get these, as he would not pay $50 for Hofner strings, and the new Hofner strings are a lighter gauge and it throws the intonation of the bass off a tad. These are every bit as good, and way less money than Hofner strings, and since Hofner started an Asian economy line of bass guitars there is some speculation as to the why the new strings are lighter gage and this and that. I like a flat wound for my 63 re issue, and that is that. I wish there were more selection, but I've used D'Addarios in the past for everything else. They are a high quality brand.' Nuff said






1st G

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



2nd D

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



3rd A

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



4th E

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound




"D'Addario Chromesâ are crafted with precision flat (ribbon) outer windings and polished to a fine high luster, but this bass string's tone is not typical of most flat wound strings. By creating under-windings and core combinations that vibrate freely, D'Addario has been able to develop a flat wound bass string that has a true, clear sound while offering the advantages of a smooth exterior winding."

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