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D'Addario Electric Bass Chromes Flat Wound Soft Long, .045 - .100, ECB81

D'Addario Electric Bass Chromes Flat Wound Soft Long, .045 - .100, ECB81
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By David B.
St James
My Favorite Strings
March 30, 2022
I need D’Addario Chromes and it always seems I need them in a hurry. Just Strings always has the right strings and can get them into my mailbox really fast. I appreciate them so much.
By Jim
Great strings
March 5, 2021
Very bright for flats. Excellent tone and great feel. I'm hooked!
By Mark T.
Harrisburg, PA
Fantastic strings!
December 29, 2020
I've had these on my Lakland 55-01 Skyline for 3 years and they are great. I love the feel and the sound. They started out on the bright side and warmed in within a month. I like the warm roundness, and if I want a bit more bright, I roll up the tone knob. I have the tone to about half, so I think I have several years left in these strings. I bought a back up set in case one breaks. Also, with the 55-01 being a 35" scale, the low B is nice and tight, not floppy like other strings I had on prior to the Chromes. I love them, and if you like the round, warm sound, these are a good set for you to try.
Sound and feel. None.
By Randy D.
The great state of Kansas
D’Addario bass strings
August 1, 2020
Great sounding strings!
Effortless transaction with JustStrings
By Glenn C.
May 31, 2014
These are the best flatwound strings I've used! I have them on a number of my basses and have yet to be disappointed. The tone is great and they are very consistent. The one time that I had a string problem, I emailed their customer service and had a new string sent to me in two days! No problems at all!
By Ivan -.
September 27, 2013
ECB 81 D'Addario bass quitar strings in a SuperLong Scale will fit basses up to 38" .These strings don't have the ends going into the winders narrowed or tapered off, if I may use this term, they are the same thickness to 38" length. In some previous versions of D'Addario strings such as ENR's SuperLongScale has narrowing or tapering off. I make this comment because my bass is 37.5 inch, and I always had issues with the above. I trust this may be a helpful observation to note if buying bass quitar strings, by the way the ECB are really superb choice for all around playing!!!!
By Ted G.
XL Chromes
January 3, 2012
These Chromes are a good bargain at this price. The feel is nice and smooth, the tension is a bit higher than GHS flats (and perhaps others, but GHS is what I've used previously), and the sound is deep and mellow. Having recently installed DiMarzio Jazz pickups on my jazz, I wanted to intensify the deep sound they were bringing out of the bass--and I got it with these strings.
By FlaBass
June 6, 2011
Great smooth feeling with mellow lows.
By Mike S.
June 1, 2011
They feel great on my fingers, all of them, and they sound nice. I like the smooth action.
November 26, 2010
After playing roundwounds for several years I wanted to try flatwound. These are great a perfect balance between feel and tone.
DAddario Bass Chromes Flat
October 19, 2010
I'm a beginner and I installed these strings on my Ibanez Bass. It made a huge difference. These strings sound much better then the roundwounds that came with the guitar and significantly reduced the amount of noise from my fingers moving on the strings.
By Scott
D'Addario Chromes
October 14, 2010
I put them on my '08 American Standard Jazz and I'm very happy. As others have said, not the tone you think of when you hear "flats" - brighter, but in a very good way. The brightness is in the upper mids, rather than the top-end "zing" that you get with rounds. Big and full on the bottom, too. Soft and smooth on your frets and fingers, too. Tension is very even, and comparable to hex-core rounds. If you've been wanting to try flats but don't want to give up too much brightness, give the Chromes a try.

Lightning fast shipping from JustStrings, too. I ordered on a Monday morning and had strings in hand on Wednesday afternoon (NH to ID in 3 days!)
By David S.
October 9, 2010
These strings are my favorite flatwounds. I find them to be perfect for Blues,Classic R&B, Reggae, and Classic Rock. Chromes are regular flatwound strings,not 'quarter round'. They do start out bright, but mellow into a trad. flatwound tone after the breaking in period. I love these strings.
By Bill
D'Addario Chromes
June 11, 2010
My go to strings now. Smooth with that great bottom sound. I put them on my G&L Legacy, G&L L2000 (2) and my Fender Jazz.
By Lane T.
May 9, 2010
These are my perfect string! I tried 8 different strings over about a year at my church, you can slap them even!

If you want to remove the stickyness, just wipe them down with a rag soaked in isoproplyl alkehol until the gunk stops coming off.
By John S.
Good Transitional Flat
May 7, 2010
These are really nice strings if you are looking to transition from rounds to flats.
You may want to start with Half Rounds to get a taste, then step to Chromes, which aren't traditional flats; they are more like quarter rounds. These are much brighter than traditional flats, smooth, but not as smooth as a traditional flat like GHS Precision Flats, which should be your next step if you want to be a vintage, thumpy bassist. Chromes are nice on Rickenbacker's though because they help tame the high end and boost the mids without losing too much off the top.
By M J.
Chromes are great
January 5, 2010
I have been strictly a roundwound player for years, but got involved in a Soul/R&B band and wanted to try flats on for size. They are a moderately high tension, which some may not like. Also, these are definitely not traditional flats. You can easily get traditional tones out of them though. However, they have lots of clarity for a flatwound string and pull off a decent slap tone if needed (doesn't sound like rounds, but not as dead-sounding as most flats when slapped).

I think they are very versatile flats, they can do old-school Motown, but they can do quite a bit more as well. They might be the perfect string for the roundwound player that wants to give flats a try. Just remember to give them about 2-3 weeks of regular playing to break them in, they are a bit bright out of the package. But, once broken in, they are thumpy and smooth with nice, clear highs.
By Bailey
D'Addario Chromes
January 3, 2010
Great strings with a big fat,warm tone perfect for the R&B I play. If you are looking to go with flats, these are highly recommended.
By Kim S.
easy play
October 15, 2009






1st G

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



2nd D

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



3rd A

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound



4th E

Chromes Stainless Steel Flat Wound




"D'Addario Chromesâ are crafted with precision flat (ribbon) outer windings and polished to a fine high luster, but this bass string's tone is not typical of most flat wound strings. By creating under-windings and core combinations that vibrate freely, D'Addario has been able to develop a flat wound bass string that has a true, clear sound while offering the advantages of a smooth exterior winding."

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