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D'Addario Dulcimer Strings

D'Addario Dulcimer 4 String, .012 - .022, EJ64
Price: $3.62
JustStrings.com offers for the four-string dulcimer D’Addario’s plain steel and nickel-wound steel strings. The dulcimer strings are packaged by D’Addario in a set of five: plain steel for the 1st “D”; plain steel for the 2nd “D”; plain steel for the 3rd “A”; and nickel round-wound for the 4th “D.” Also known as the “Appalachian dulcimer” or “mountain dulcimer,” the instrument is shaped like a stretched-out figure 8. Although its likely forebear, the zither, originated in continental Europe, it was Scottish immigrants settling the Appalachians in the early 19th century who are credited with developing the four-string dulcimer. D’Addario has its origins in continental Europe, too. The renowned firm dates back to the late 17th century in the little Italian town of Salle. With only four strings and its lie-flat playing position, the four-string dulcimer is regarded as one of the easiest string instruments to play. But it’s a staple of old-time folk music, and your D’Addario strings will bring out its distinctive sound for all to enjoy! If you have any questions about D’Addario single strings for dulcimer, or any other strings for any instrument, please email our friendly and expert staff.
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