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D'Addario Cuatro Strings

D'Addario Cuatro Puerto Rico, .011 - .042, EJ96
Price: $13.93
D'Addario Cuatro - Venezuela, .022 - .033, EJ98
Price: $3.45
Whether you play the Puerto Rican or Venezuelan cuatro, D’Addario has quality strings for your instrument. Both sets were developed in conjunction with cuatro players internationally and produced with the highest quality control, including laser inspection and computerized winding and tension control.

The Puerto Rican cuatro set will fit the 10-string instrument which has five courses and is usually tuned in fourths, B to E in octaves. They include stainless steel plain strings and silver plated copper wound strings. Our customers report that the tone of these strings is clear and warm, and you can count on their long life.

The Venezuelan cuatro, which has only four strings, is tuned traditionally like a ukulele, BF#DA, with the B an octave lower. The strings are rectified, black nylon monofilaments.

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