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D'Addario Cavaquinho Strings

JustStrings strings proudly offers D’Addario stainless-steel single strings for the cavaquinho, a four-string guitar which originated in Portugal. D’Addario packages its cavaquinho strings in sets of four. They are plain steel for the first (“D”) and second (“B”) strings; and wound stainless steel for the third (“G”) and fourth (“D”) strings. Also known as a “plucked lute,” the cavaquinho’s emergence outside Europe tracked the growth of Portuguese influence in Africa and the New World during the 15th and 16th centuries. In the West Indies, the cavaquinho is known as the cuatro; in Hawaii, it “evolved” into the ukulele. A staple of Brazilian music like the samba and choro, the cavaquinho deserves the quality of D’Addario’s steel and wound stainless-steel strings. Regarded as the world’s largest string manufacturer, D’Addario has an in-house acoustics laboratory with musical acousticians on staff. A Just Strings customer review hails these strings as “perfect for the Brazilian cavaquinho! Great Sound!” JustStrings.com is eager to help you with all your stringing needs.
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