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D'Addario Baglama Strings

D'Addario Baglama Tzouras 6-String, EJ91
Price: $4.44
D’Addario has designed this set to specifically work well with Baglama and Tzouras instruments. These nickel plated, steel wound and tin plated, plain steel strings are scaled to fit both instruments tuned D, A and D with three courses of two strings each. With the nickel plated steel wound strings, you will get the brilliance and superior tone expected of this type of string.

D’Addario develops their traditional string sets in collaboration with their international customers and produces them in their state-of-the-art facility in Farmingdale, New York. You will always receive consummate quality with D’Addario strings. They come in environmentally friendly packaging sealed for corrosion resistance.
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