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A part of the guitar family, the traditional, Venezuelan cuatro is a popular instrument in South America and the West Indies. Like its ancestor, the Portuguese cavaquinho, the cuatro features four strings, typically made of nylon. However, the Puerto Rican cuatro is vastly different than the traditional cuatro. Also known as a cuatro puertorriqueno, the Puerto Rican cuatro features 10 strings with five double courses. Unlike the traditional cuatro, this form of instrument typically features steel strings. What strings to buy for cuatro will depend on the type of instrument you play. We carry high quality traditional and Puerto Rican cuatro strings from D’Addario, Aquila, GHS and La Bella. For the bright characteristic sound of the 10-string Puerto Rican cuatro, D’Addario, GHS and La Bella produce silver wound steel string sets, appropriate for both chordal and tremolo play. D’Addario also manufactures traditional black nylon cuatro strings, and LaBella offers a plain nylon traditional, Venezuelan set. Aquila manufactures composite synthetic strings, known as Nylgut, which emulates the superior gut string tone of a traditional cuatro but with the stability of modern nylon. The Aquila strings are often praised for their balance and excellent response.
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