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Corelli Crystal violin strings’ light, flexible touch and texture is reminiscent of gut strings, but Crystal violin strings by Savarez feature an advanced nylon composite core. This synthetic material is known as Stabilon, and it is a multifilament type of nylon that increases the elasticity and flexibility of the string, providing a more gut string tone than a nylon one. The Stabilon core enables this warm, rich, gut-like sound. The winding on the A string is aluminum, on the D string silver/aluminum and on the G string a silver alloy. The plain steel E string comes with either a loop or ball end. Sets with either a ball or loop E string are available. Single strings are also available. Corelli Crystal violin strings’ synthetic core also provides an easy bow response, and the strings maintain tuning stability. Unaffected by humidity and temperature changes, the violin strings are long lasting and retain their intonation better than other synthetic strings. Due to the warm, mellow tone of Crystal violin strings, light violin or bright violins can be balanced by the strings’ tone. The versatile tone of Crystal strings allows them to be mixed with steel as well as gut strings.
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