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For the guitarist with more ideas than the fret board allows, get the Spider Capo from Creative Tunings. This amazing capo lets you adjust your tone string by string as opposed to the standard ‘all or nothing’ guitar capo. If your A and G strings are yearning for a change, give it to them and leave the other strings as they are. The Spider Capo has six separate fingers, each of which can be set to fret — or not fret — its string, thus allowing you a way to change tunings without de-tuning your guitar! The Spider Capo lets you chase that note in your head, the one you haven’t been able to find until now. Just don’t get carried away, as this amazing capo allows hundreds of open string tunings over the first 15 frets. Spider Capos fit your acoustic, electric and classical guitars.

The Spider-Mini is designed for smaller instruments -- and the Spider-XXL for larger.
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