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Corelli Violin Strings

For almost 250 years, Savarez has embraced both innovation and tradition to continually create state-of-the-art designs for violin strings. Savarez’s Corelli violin strings utilize new materials and manufacturing techniques to create the best in traditional sounding violin strings. Corelli violin strings are known for their dense, clear and pure tone associated with a gut core string, while providing the durability and long life of nylon and synthetic core strings. Due to Savarez’s esteemed manufacturing experience and ingenuity, both series of Correlli violin strings, Crystal and Alliance, have become the pinnacle of innovative, yet traditional sound. Corelli Crystal violin strings feature a multifilament nylon core, called Stabilon, which increases the elasticity of the string while providing a more classic sound than convention nylon strings. The Corelli Alliance Vivace violin strings feature a composite synthetic core, known as a KF composite, for clearer upper harmonics. Both types of Corelli violin strings provide the sophisticated tone of gut strings with the playability and durability of modern, synthetic strings.
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