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Corelli Viola Strings

Learn about the technological innovation that contributes to the excellence of Corelli viola strings. We carry Corelli Alliance and Corelli Crystal strings.
For amateur and professional viola players who want the very best strings for their instrument, we offer Corelli viola strings. The Corelli Alliance and Corelli Crystal strings are among the finest in the industry, since the Savarez company is committed to ongoing research and development to produce the best quality strings for viola and other instruments. Corelli Alliance strings are made from composite fibers that were designed for superior tensile strength and elasticity, to produce perfect intonation and ease of playing. This synthetic material has the sound quality and characteristics of gut, but without the sensitivity to changes in temperature and humidity. The Corelli Crystal strings are made from specially-treated wound nylon that retains a classic sound without sounding harsh and aggressive like ordinary nylon strings. Instead, they have a warm and rich tone. Attain the perfect sound from your instrument with our high-performance Corelli strings.
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