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Clayton Acetal Polymer
Clayton Black Raven Picks
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Clayton Ultem Gold
Order from our line of Clayton guitar picks when you want options upon options upon choices. Clayton picks lead the industry for good reason. Their variety of materials and grip surfaces helps you find the perfect pick. Choosing a guitar pick or different picks for different scenarios requires consideration of several aspects of pick design. First you have thickness, then stiffness, and then grip, shape and even color. It’s enough to drive someone to — JustStrings.com, of course. Your next Clayton guitar pick might be made from acetal polymer to combine strength with some give, or it could be a cork surface for ultimate grip. Or it may be a matte surface or even a sandstone type material, also when grip is paramount. There’s always the tortoiseshell-like material of one model of Clayton pick to closely estimate the pure tones of real tortoiseshell. The point is — well, there are so many points and so many picks to choose from. Each type of Clayton guitar pick comes in various thicknesses and most are available in a variety of shapes. You truly can choose the perfect pick with Clayton, and JustStrings.com gives you fantastic prices and great customer service while doing it.
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