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C.F. Martin Ukulele Strings

Clear fluorocarbon allows Martin ukulele strings to sound true with greater volume and stay that way longer. These four, unwound strings will fit a soprano or concert ukulele with scale lengths of 13” or 15” respectively, both in C6 tuning. The string gauges in inches are .0191 (A), .256 (E), .340 (C), and .0216(G). You will find that this is the most common tuning for soprano and concert ukuleles.

The history of ukuleles began in Hawaii in the 1880’s when Portuguese immigrants brought similar instruments with them from Cape Verde and Madeira. Three Hawaiian cabinetmakers are acknowledged as creating the first ukuleles shortly after they arrived in Hawaii in 1879. The ukulele’s popularity and staying power in Hawaiian culture was primarily due to their King’s promoting it by including it in his royal concerts. Today enthusiastic ukulele players can be found all over the world.
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