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C.F. Martin Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings

Martin’s wide selection of acoustic string types are also available in 12-string sets, including 80/20 bronze, phosphor bronze, Studio Performance (SP), Marquis (cushioned ball ends), silk and steel, Flexible Core and Life Span. Eleven different sets give you many options to find the perfect fit for your individual instrument or playing style.

Silk and steel strings will help ease playing found with the increased tension in a twelve string guitar. Our customers report that these strings are more pliable, and “are a must use, not only for comfort but the sound quality. Just what you would expect from CF Martin.” A custom light gauge Flexible Core set may also offer increased ease when playing.

Choose Martin’s traditional 80/20 bronze or phosphor bronze 12-string sets to experience their time-tested excellence and legendary tone. Their consistent quality will impress you no matter what your skill level. “These strings make my Martin jump. I love them,” and “the tension is perfect, and the strings are consistent and durable,” are among the comments of our customers praising these strings. You can find them under M-180, M-190 and M-500.

The Studio Performance (SP) series of strings give your twelve string guitar more tone maintaining power than other strings, because of their incredibly strong, but thin core wire. For those with a heavy schedule of practicing and performing, these strings will last well for you. A player says that even the extra light gauge has “plenty of punch, clean, clear notes and a remarkably full sound.”

For added life, Martin offers the LifeSpan, phosphor bronze strings in a 12-string set. Treated with Cleartone technology, you will hardly feel the difference from non-treated strings, but will definitely notice the extended tone life.

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