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C.F. Martin Mandolin Strings

Mandolin players will find Martin 80/20 bronze mandolin strings are excellent for the many styles of mandolin playing. Available in two sets, the popular bluegrass set has the slightly heavier gauged high E string and more overall tension. Players really like these strings for their “strong low end, clarity and durability”, especially noting they have the “best balance of tone and quickness.”

The wound strings are 80/20 bronze wire wrapped on a tinned steel core. The plain strings are silvered steel. This combination will give your instrument a full, mellow sound with bright, durable trebles. As with most modern mandolins, Martin’s sets are tuned GDAE. The mandolin has a heritage going back centuries, but the modern mandolin was popularized most prominently by Bill Monroe beginning in the 1930’s. He moved the mandolin into the modern “bluegrass” style we are familiar with today. Since then the mandolin has remained a mainstay of the bluegrass sound, while moving into Celtic and rock music too. Other prominent players associated with mandolin music of the last century are Sam Bush, David Grisman, Vince Gill, Rod Stewart, the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin and the Dropkick Murphys.
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