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C.F. Martin Classical Guitar Strings

We are proud to offer C.F. Martin classical guitar strings, premium silver-plated and bronze wound strings from the company that is legendary for their guitar building expertise. Family owned and operated since 1833, Martin makes their strings with steel core wire, which is then wound with silver-plated wrap wire or 80/20 bronze. Silver plating provides a clear, bright sound. The 80/20 bronze indicates 80 percent copper and 20 percent zinc. The copper gives the strings a brilliant, crisp tone, while the zinc slows down the aging process of the string and gives it added hardness. Our silver-plated Martin classical guitar strings are high-tension, and are available with ball ends or plain ends. The 80/20 bronze strings, which are regular tension, are also available in both types. As our customers will confirm, these are great strings in terms of sound quality, playability and value.
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