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Vintage Monel

Monel, acoustic strings, introduced at the 2013 NAMM conference, are Martin’s new addition to its innovative line of guitar strings. Actually first made in the 1930’s, manufacturing difficulties led to its discontinuation in the 1970’s. Now with improved methods and collaboration with Tony Rice, Martin has brought these strings back and with them a sound that mellows almost immediately to the natural, woody sound so favored by bluegrass players. Tony Rice’s monel set is medium gauge.

Monel is a nickel and copper alloy that is extremely strong and corrosion resistant, and known for its amazingly, deep rich sound when used for guitar strings. You will find the fine sound of these monel strings mellows quickly to its lush tone after installation while maintaining strength, tuning stability and anti-tarnish qualities for a long time. One of our customers was so pleased he said that with these strings his guitar “just opened up - responding excellently to flatpicking, rhythm and finger style playing,” and then he bought sets for all his acoustic guitars.
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