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Studio Performance 80/20 Bronze

Any musician with a demanding performance or practice schedule will find Martin’s Studio Performance series of strings to be especially valuable to them. Because of the exceptionally strong core wire used in these strings, they can maintain their correct tone and superb brightness even with rigorous and extended playing. The 80/20 bronze core and wrap wire both have a golden bronze finish for a clear and consistent response and a great appearance. “Crisp” is how a number of players describe them. Their extraordinary ability to respond well to heavy use is reported by many of our customers who call them “elastic and tough” and claim “you can really dig into” them. Reviewers say they have continued to use Martin’s SP strings for many years and use them as the standard by which they measure all other strings.

Six, 80/20 bronze SP sets are available in gauges from extra light to medium including a specially gauged medium, bluegrass set.

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