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Martin’s popular new series, SP Lifespan, is comprised of strings that are chemically treated to last three to five times longer than conventional strings. Using Cleartone’s patented process, all six strings get a one micron thick coating, the thinnest in the industry. This outer layer, so thin it adds almost no mass to the string and will not flake, keeps grime and corrosion from between the strings’ windings and does not interfere with the natural vibrations or tone of the strings. Many musicians find these strings to sound and feel just like uncoated and untreated strings. Their volume has been tested to be more than 30% louder than other coated strings.

Available in 80/20 bronze and phosphor bronze, both in sets from extra light to medium. Lifespan treated strings are also offered for twelve string guitar and baritone guitar, both in phosphor bronze.

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