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80/20 Bronze

Martin’s 80/20 bronze traditional strings have been providing dependable excellence in tone and longevity for many years. They work well for both professional and amateur alike. Their brilliance results from the wound strings having 80/20 bronze wire wrapped on a bronzed, super strong, steel core. The 80/20 refers to the amount of copper (80%) and tin (20%) found in the wrap wire. Copper gives the mellow sound and tin adds corrosion resistance and brightness. The plain strings are silvered steel with a lock twist, ball end.

Choose from six different gauge sets, from extra light to medium. A specialty bluegrass set in a light/medium gauge and a twelve string set in extra light gauge are also available. Four popular sets, M-140, M-150, M-170 and M-175, also come in economical, three set packs.

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