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C. F. Martin Acoustic Guitar Monel Vintage Tone, .012 - .054, MM12

C. F. Martin Acoustic Guitar Monel Vintage Tone, .012 - .054, MM12
C. F. Martin
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north coast california
Five Star on Martins
April 7, 2021
After giving them a week to settle in, these became my all time favorites on my two Martins...one a quad 0 with Madagascar Rosewood and the other an HD 28 VS. I don't like them as much on my two other Indian Rosewood guitars ( a Collings and a
Goodall). On the Martins I find them producing a warm clear tone. I've seen other reviewers comment that they like them on Mahogany guitars, but not rosewood. That may be because they don't generate the overtones and produce a sharper note? If so, my madagascar RW may be more akin to mahogany and the strings may be tempering the boominess of the big dread? anyway, y.m.m.v., but I love them.
By Stanley M.
College Station, TX
Great Strings
February 18, 2021
The Martin Retro strings are the best sounding and playing strings that I have ever used on any of my acoustic guitars. I just tried them for the first time on my Martin OM 42, which is a great sounding guitar, and it has not sounded this good with any of the other strings that I have used on it. They do not require stretching and stay in tune almost immediately and their tone and fullness actually improves over the first three days.
ProsThey do not require stretching and stay in tune almost immediately and their tone and fullness actually improves over the first three days.
ConsNone, so far.
By TDguy
True acoustic voice.
December 19, 2020
I should start off by saying I use flatwounds on my Tele and Strat, but I like these strings. They let your guitar sound like your guitar, without the overpowering (to my ear anyway) “brightness” of typical acoustic strings. There is a reason that session players like to play their strings in before recording.
ProsTrue voice of your instrument.
ConsA bit dark, and if your guitar does not already have great tone, these will not resurrect it.
By Larry C.
Martin Retro Monel Strings
October 30, 2018
Put these on my Martin 000-28 last night. I've never heard a guitar sound so good. Rich sound, plenty of volume and they seem to ring out for minutes. They stayed in tune almost immediately.
By Dave D.
A Mixed Bag
June 28, 2015
Bought and installed these strings on my Seagull just last week. I like the sound of these strings alright. What I find distracting is the noise they make as I slide my fingers across the bass strings. Kind of reminiscent of the squealing you'd expect to hear at a pig farm. My search for my ideal acoustic strings will continue.
By Jim P.
String Review
May 30, 2015
I have a 1938 Martin 000-18. After the neck was reset and the neck was re-fretted my luthier surprised me with these Martin Retro Strings.

The Retro string is a unique string and gives a sound which I will best describe as "strong." I tried 3 other sets on the guitar but came back to the Retros.

I would encourage folk and other musicians try these unique strings as part of your acoustic vocabulary.
By Robert F.
Jazz old Rock these are the stuff. This is all I buy.
June 20, 2014
These are a little hard to tune but give you a bit more bass sound than the typical tinny crap. Well worth the time on an a acoustic.
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