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C. F. Martin Acoustic Guitar Monel Vintage Tone, .011 - .052, MM11

C. F. Martin Acoustic Guitar Monel Vintage Tone, .011 - .052, MM11
C.F. Martin
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9 Reviews
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44% Recommend this product (4 of 9 responses)
By Charles
Money strings
October 22, 2021
I like the sound of these strings.
Tone None
By Carl N.
Creedmoor, NC
Very Satisfied
December 31, 2020
I've bought these several times now. Very pleased with them.
By Allen
Greenville sc
Great strings
November 8, 2019
These are great strings that sound great and last
By Paul C.
No. Andover, MA
June 9, 2019
I bought one set of these just for kicks to throw on a 45 yr old Yamaha FG340 I bought when I was a kid....I had graduated from the Yamaha to Guild and then to Martin...well, I adjusted the neck on that old Yamaha and put these strings on. I have not been able to put this down in a month. It doesn't play as well as the Martin but it sound every bit as good if not better! I couldn't believe my ears. I just bought 2 more sets today for my Martin and Guild. Fantastic! FYI, I NEVER write a review on anything but this was a must to share.
Great sound none
By Larry C.
Martin Retro Monel Strings
October 30, 2018
I put these strings on my 000-28 last night. I agree with all the other reviews. I've never heard a guitar sound so good. Beautiful tone, lots of volume and they seem to ring for 2-3 minutes. They stayed in tune almost immediately. Amazing!
By Glenn
Still some production issues
July 27, 2016
The jury is still out on these strings for me. I've put them on several instruments. The tone of these on my 45 and 35 year old Martins is amazing, and they are very comfortable to play. But I have never had this many strings break before, typically right after I put them on and tune up.
I've had the ball ends come loose and had them break just below the tuning key. It makes me believe that there are still some production issues to work out. It's not an overwhelming number of broken strings, but much more than I am accustomed to.
By Lynne
Martin Retro Lights
February 25, 2015
I am lucky enough to have a beautiful Limited Edition Martin Arts & Crafts I guitar (built on a D-14 fret body) -- and just put on a set of the Martin Retro Custom Light strings. The new strings ring with an almost bell-like clarity -- and provide a truly amazing sound! I've used a few different types of strings on this guitar (Martins, John Pearce, etc) - but none let this guitar sing as sweetly as these Retro Custom Lights.
By Terry T.
MM11 custom light Retros
December 27, 2014
I purchased two packs of these retro custom lights just to give them a try, and holy crap, they are awesome, the tone is like I never heard on my guitar before, easy on the fingers and if your like me and do a lot of recording you won't believe how quiet almost no string screech at all,, and the most unbelievable thing about them is the price, I always use martin strings and now it will always be the retros ,,thank you martin for another fine string,, if you would like to hear them in action ,, type in terry totch on you tube and click on song ,,(just want to go home)
By A J.
Martin Monel Retro, Custom Light
September 23, 2014
Put a set of these on a Martin 000-18 GE. This one is a very lightly built guitar, almost cloud like to handle.

A spectacular sounding guitar suddenly went from spectacular to something almost indescribable. It is alive in my hands. UFB. You can almost feel it breathing, and all it wants to do is sing. I never thought among decent strings a particular set could make THAT much difference. I was wrong. These can.

BTW put a set of custom lights on an 00-18V. Not enough string. Switched to lights. Love them, but they didn't do for the 00 what these lights did for the 000.
TRy them. If there is even a chance to bring an instrument to life like they did for the 000, it is worth your effort.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Nickel Alloy Wound



4th D

Nickel Alloy Wound



5th A

Nickel Alloy Wound



6th E

Nickel Alloy Wound



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