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Cello Strings

Complete sets and a selection of individual cello strings are listed in the following sections:
Corelli Cello Strings
D'Addario Cello Strings
Jargar Cello Strings
La Bella Cello Strings
Larsen Cello Strings
Pirastro Cello Strings
Super-Sensitive Cello Strings
Thomastik-Infeld Cello Strings
We have many varieties of cello strings for sale.  Cello strings are available in one of three tensions: light, medium and heavy, with medium being the standard. Many high quality bowed instrument strings come from Germany and Austria, and are labeled in German. The German equivalents to the English tension terms are: weich/light, mittel/medium and stark/heavy. Most players find that medium tension strings work well for their needs. If you need strings that are easier to finger, and are willing to accept less volume, light tension cello string sets might be a good choice for you. If instead, you are not concerned with ease of playability, and are mainly interested in getting the maximum possible projection and volume from your instrument, you may wish to try heavy tension strings.  Cello strings are also available in several lengths.  Standard cellos are “full” or 4/4 size.  Student model cello strings are available for smaller cellos in 1/8, ¼, ½, ¾ sizes.

The cello, or classically the “violoncello,” is the largest member of the violin family, or the second largest if one counts the double bass.  Cellos are tuned one octave lower than the viola, to C, G, D & A. Cello strings were commonly made of gut until the twentieth century, when advances in plastics technology enabled string makers to use nylon instead of gut. Modern cello string sets have either steel or nylon cores wound with one of several materials.  These include aluminum, chrome, nickel, silver, titanium and tungsten.  Each of these different materials produces a different quality of tone.  One is not necessarily better than the other; each individual cello may sound best with slightly different cello strings.

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