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Cavaquinho Strings

D'Addario Cavaquinho Strings
La Bella Cavaquinho Strings
Thomastik-Infeld Cavaquinho
The cavaquinho originated in Portugal and soon became popular in Latin America, the West Indies and Hawaii. In Hawaii, the cavaquinho became the ancestral instrument of the iconic ukulele. A hybrid of a mandolin and guitar, the cavaquinho features four strings and can be strummed or plucked. The typical tuning of cavaquinho strings is D-G-B-D, but the instrument is also commonly tuned to emulate the highest four strings of the guitar in a D-G-B-E tuning. Also known as a machete or braguinha, the modern cavaquinho typically features steel strings, but other materials can be found in the wound strings of some sets to accommodate player preference. D’Addario stainless steel wound and plain steel string sets produce a vibrant brilliance and resonance, while La Bella manufactures two types of cavaquinho strings traditional to Brazil (golden alloy wound strings with ball ends) and Portugal (all plain steel strings with loop ends). Thomastik-Infeld cavaquinho strings are handcrafted in either flatwound nickel or roundwound magnecore, both ball end. JustStrings.com offers these cavaquinho strings from Thomastik-Infeld as sets or single strings.
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