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D'Addario Cables
When it’s time to plug in, JustStrings.com has a cable for every type of musician. Whether you’re strumming an acoustic guitar at an off-the-beaten-path open mic stage or soloing at Staples Center, we have a cable with your name on it. We stock industry leaders like Fender and Planet Waves. Of course, sound is of upmost importance when you think cable features, but a quality cable takes care of you in other ways as well. How about your next cable stays free of the twisting or kinking you were so often accustomed to with your old set? You’ve come to the right place. Our partners have spent years in research and development, covering every aspect of cable performance, and incorporated them into cables for every application. And what about protecting your equipment when making a quick change of instruments on a live amp? That’s another separate, non-sound quality feature that’s been taken care of here with a built-in ‘circuit breaker’ that mutes the cable while you switch out instruments. That means no pops or squeals will reach your amp to cause damage. True, your number one concern when buying cables is indeed sound quality, and depending on how long it has been since your last cable purchase, you may be in for a very pleasant surprise. Today’s technology, including microfiber dielectrics, time correction windings and dense shields bring sound accuracy, harmonics and protection against interference to a new level, as you will see looking through our Fender and Planet Waves cables.
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