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Black Diamond Violin Bluegrass/Country Steel E/A, Silverplated Wound D/G, N719

Black Diamond Violin Bluegrass/Country Steel E/A, Silverplated Wound D/G, N719
Black Diamond
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By Arthur W.
805 O'Hare Rd Madoc Ontario Canada
Black Diamond Violin Bluegrass/Country Steel Silverplated N719
August 27, 2021
These strings are not as good as the ones I got before they were Black Diamond Vintage Violin 7207. Are you by chance connected to other stores that might have those, I would really like to get at least a couple of sets of the 7207, they were 16.45 per set. unless you can direct me to something comparable to those. Arthur West
  • they were not as good as the ones bought before no 7207
By IrFiddler
**BEWARE** Garbage!!
March 23, 2014
I'm not sure who's writing all these glowing reviews, probably the distributor or maybe the factory-workers where they are made (at gunpoint, probably) - but don't be misled. They are barely fit to be used for hanging a picture on the wall. Sure, they can be put on a violin and will make noise, but it's not pretty and the round-wound strings *will* damage your instrument if used for any period of time. You get what you pay for. If you can't afford much go with Red Label Supersensitives or Black Diamond Violin they may not sound great, but at least those strings won't shred your bow hair and gauge your fingerboard.
By David
Black Diamond fiddle strings
January 9, 2012
Great for a beginner like me, loud and durable. My poor neighbors are suffering my beginner's sqeaks and bad notes, so I put a rubber mute on the fiddle. These strings are still loud!
By John Y.
August 3, 2011
They look fine to me ,and will let you know more when I'm finished making my current violin ....... Thanks for your quick service and after sale; interest !

John Young Toronto , Canada.
By Nelson
August 2, 2011
Well, by far, these strings are GREAT in comparison to any stock strings that come on a low/average violin

I can't say much for the kinds of strings on higher end models, but, that's because I've yet to pick one of those bad boys up.

But I digress, the tone and warmth of these strings is superb to my ears. It's sound is if Carlos Santana were to play a violin, to MY ears at least

You must remember, everyone lets other people opinions influence/dictate to them what it SHOULD sound like in comparison to how YOU want it to sound like.

My best advice, is buy a pack, string em up, and let YOUR ears tell you what you need to know, and really FEEL how they play, that's the only real way to get a feel for violin strings overall.

The price is great, and so is the quality
By Steve R.
Violin strings.
April 23, 2011
Above average quality and the price is great. I would recommend.
By David S.
Violine Strings
September 19, 2010
The strings are just fine and a great price too. I had a little trouble stringing them without the wound cloth on the ends of the string but other than that, they are fine. Next time I will order the strings with the ends wound with the cloth. Thank you for a fine product. I grew up using Black Diamond strings on my guitar. All time favorite of mine.

David Stulz
By Herb C.
Blk Diamond Violin string
August 8, 2010
My customers rave about this product. Easily competes with banjos even when the banjo pickers are not behaving.
By yvonne h.
August 8, 2010
My dad is happy with the strings; all is well. Thank-you.
By Chip G.
Strings and Things
December 17, 2009
5 star for sure! Shipping from Juststrings.com was incredibly fast and what a deal! I play many stringed instruments and will buy ALL of my strings from here from now on. These things ROCK!
By Johnny
Black Diamond Fiddle Strings
December 14, 2009
Produces a warm, rich tone. Excellent for slower Dorian scale music.
By James W.
BD Violin strings
August 14, 2009
Long lasting, producing a sweet sounding
fiddle !!!






1st E

Silverplated Wound



2nd A

Silverplated Wound



3rd D

Silverplated Wound



4th G

Silverplated Wound



719 Series -- Black Diamond Bluegrass/Country Violin


"The Black Diamond string family wouldn't be complete without the 719 set for the violin. This silver plated round wound set is the perfect string set for every musician."

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