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Benedetto Jazz Guitar Medium, .013 - .056, JG-M

Benedetto Jazz Guitar Medium, .013 - .056, JG-M
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By Arthur M.
Benedetto 13s
April 21, 2018
I have tried many brands of strings. The Benedetto 13s have the most interesting tone that I have tried.
By Bill K.
Benedetto Medium Strings
January 19, 2016
I just ran across my previous review from back in 2010. I may have given some wrong information. I bought several sets of these strings, and had trouble with the first set (see review) and just set the others away and forgot about them. I recently bought an Eastman AR605CE archtop, and as an experiment put the remaining set of Benedetto strings on it. Well, no intonation problem, even with the wood bridge on the Eastman. I guess I just got a bad set, or maybe they (Benedetto) were in the midst of a changeover or something. Anyway, if you're considering the Benedetto strings, disregard my previous review.
BTW, I still prefer the Tomastik strings, either the roundwounds or flatwounds.
By George W.
Benedetto Strings
August 24, 2015
I bought the medium for my Loar archtop. The guitar never sounded so great. I have a Benedetto floating pickup on it. Sounds like those great jazz tones from another era. I use it through a Quilter amp. With the heavier gauge the strings can be much lower with no buzz.
By Ron M.
Medium gage strings
October 28, 2013
For me these were a stiff set, and not with much warmth in sound. I have the Benedetto pickup on my archtop so I expected more I guess. I have bronze string sets that sounded better.

For the money these strings were at best, disappointing.
By Bill K.
Benedetto Strings
June 23, 2010
These sound a bit less bright than the nickel-plated steel variety of strings, which is what I was after. However, I found I had to adjust my intonation to the extremes of the adjustment available on a tune-o-matic style bridge, and it's still a tiny bit off. I suspect this is due to the core-to-winding ratio of the 3rd string. Using other similar-gauge strings (like Gibson SEG-900M or D'Addario EJ22) I have no problem with the intonation adjustment. The guitar is an Epiphone ES175, with the action set at about 1/16" at the 12th fret.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Pure Nickel Wound



4th D

Pure Nickel Wound



5th A

Pure Nickel Wound



6th E

Pure Nickel Wound



Benedetto Strings -- Medium

Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings. These are the strings of choice for discerning jazz players looking for the fullest tone and projection from their archtop guitar.
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