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Single Bass Guitar Strings

We carry single bass guitar strings from all the leading makers, in a range of materials and construction methods for different sounds and requirements. Our Dean Markley bass strings include the company’s electric line and the Alchemy Randy Jackson series. GHS's selection of high-performance strings includes their popular Boomers series, their brighter tone Progressives and the Black Nylon Tapewound, created for a mellower and warmer upright bass sound. We also stock Ashbory Bass silicone rubber single strings and Black Diamond's black coated nickel round wound strings. Our D'Addario bass strings include their coated nickel wound, half round, phosphor bronze and double ball varieties. Our selection of DR single bass strings includes their Hi-Beam and Sunbeams series, which are stainless steel or nickel plated wound on round cores; and their Lo-Rider, stainless steel wound on hexagonal cores. Other respected brand names that we carry include Elixir, Fender, La Bella, Ken Smith, Ernie Ball, Pyramid and Thomastik Infeld.
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