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Bulk Bass Guitar Strings

We offer our own line of bulk bass guitar strings in nickel and stainless steel, all in long scale. Our bulk, nickel round wound bass strings are packaged in groups of six. They are offered in 23 separate gauges ranging from .25 to .135. One of our customers says, “These strings' performance excels [those of] leading brands I have used in the past. Harmonically bright, and feel great. These strings are amazing. Can't beat the price.” Another customer simply says that our nickel, round wound bass strings “rock!” And the reviews are just as good for our bulk, stainless steel round wound bass guitar strings. Also packaged in groups of six, the 23 available gauges are the same as those for the nickel round wound strings: 0.25 to 0.135 in 0.05 increments. Our customers are delighted with the feel, tension and durability of our stainless steel bass strings. If you have any questions about JustStrings.com’s bulk bass, nickel bass and stainless steel bass guitar strings, or any other strings for any instrument, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts.
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