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GHS Banduria Single Strings

GHS Banduria Single Strings
This unique instrument dates back to the Spanish period in the Philippines (1521-1898). While the original medieval bandurias had just three strings, modern bandurias have 12 strings, arranged as 6 pairs. Similar to the mandolin and cittern, and with a rounded body resembling the Portuguese guitarra, the banduria is a popular Spanish folk instrument. At JustStrings.com, we offer single banduria strings for the convenience of both professional and casual players. GHS is a world-renown string manufacturer based in Battle Creek, Mich. Their precision manufacturing involves computer-aided production on their own custom-made machines. This, along with close inspection of all their products, results in high-quality, long-lasting strings. The first and second position strings are made from plain steel, while the other strings are silverwound, which gives the strings an added brightness. All strings have looped ends, and each package contains two strings. We sell these banduria single strings to you at competitive prices for exceptional value.
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