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Balalaika Strings

La Bella Balalaika Strings
Pyramid Balalaika Strings
A staple of traditional Russian folk and classical music, the balalaika is a long necked, triangular shaped lute. The instrument can feature three strings or six strings with double courses, and most modern balalaikas feature steel strings rather than traditional gut strings. At JustStrings.com, we feature La Bella balalaika strings. Providing a bright intonation required for balalaika tremolo playing, the strings also have a balanced sound for strumming accompaniment. With roots dating back to the seventeenth century, La Bella is an industry leader in manufacturing strings for traditional folk instruments. Sized to fit the six different sizes of the balalaika –from piccolo to contra-bass — the La Bella balalaika string set features six plain steel strings with loop ends. The strings are double coursed to fit both the three string model, essentially providing a back-up set, and six string models. The balalaika strings are high quality and provide the bright, crisp tone associated with balalaika-driven Russian folk music. During the 18th century the balalaika was developed from an earlier instrument called the dombra, possibly because the balalaika’s new triangular shape was easier and quicker to produce. V.V. Andreyev, a well-known Russian balalaika player, advanced its design in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with modifications that led to the six different sized instruments with different tunings. For example the piccolo tuning is B-E-A, “balalaika” tuning (most common) is E-E-A and contrabass is E-A-D.
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