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GHS Bajo Sexto Single Strings

GHS Bajo Sexto Single Strings
The bajo sexto (Spanish for "sixth bass") is widely used in northern Mexico and also for the "Tex-Mex" style of music on the United States side of the border. We have stainless steel roundwound loop end bajo sexto strings from GHS, a trusted name in the industry since 1964. GHS manufactures all of their strings in their factory, on their own custom built, computer controlled equipment. This method of production, in contrast to hand wound strings, allows better control for a more uniform and perfect product. Their strings are then closely inspected, and then packaged in corrosion resistant envelopes. This results in high performance, precision strings designed for maximum durability. Stainless steel provides a brighter tone with a longer life span. We sell bajo sexto single strings from GHS separately for your convenience. The strings are available for the F, C, G, D, A and E string pairs, otherwise known as the first through sixth. Each package includes two strings.

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