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Bajo Quinto/Bajo Sexto Strings

Curt Mangan Bajo Sexto Strings
D'Addario            Bajo Sexto Strings
Cuerdas GHS Bajo Quinto y Sexto | GHS Bajo Quinto/Bajo Sexto Strings
La Bella Bajo Sexto Strings
S I T Strings Bajo Sexto Strings
Producing deep, projected bottom ends and upper range articulation, the bajo sexto and bajo quinto are acoustic Mexican bass guitars featuring 12 strings and 10 strings, respectively. Popular in Northern Mexican and Tejano music, the bajo sexto and bajo quinto feature double-coursed strings that are tuned an octave lower than 12-string guitars. We provide top quality bajo sexto strings and bajo quinto strings from leading string manufacturers, including Dean Markely, D'Addario, GHS, La Bella, S.I.T. and Curt Mangan. Each brand of strings differs to accommodate a player’s preferred sound. D’Addario produces both bajo sexto and bajo quinto strings with 92% copper and 8% zinc for a bright, warm tone, while Dean Markley’s bajo sexto strings use a proprietary wrapping of 80% copper and 20% zinc for an even brighter sound. S.I.T offers an option of phosphor bronze or nickel wound strings for both 10-string and 12-string guitars. La Bella’s strings for both instruments are wound in stainless steel. GHS and Curt Mangan offer both phosphor bronze and stainless steel wound strings for five or six course instruments, plus the Curt Mangan strings are also available in light and medium gauges. Finding the right string set will depend on your instrument’s sound and your personal taste. JustStrings.com is your trusted source for hard-to-find strings.
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