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Baglama Strings

D'Addario Baglama Strings
A long-necked lute with Turkish origins, the baglama comes in multiple forms and requires different versions of string sets. At JustStrings.com, we carry baglama strings from D’Addario. The melody of the baglama is typically played on the first pair of coursed strings, but it can also be played on the second and third courses, depending on the string set. D’Addario’s string set features six strings in three courses. Both string sets produce a brilliant, twangy tone and long sustain to complement the unique instrument’s sound. When it comes to baglama strings names, tzouras and saz strings may be used interchangeably with baglama strings, depending on the instrument’s size. The baglama is a moderate sized lute within the saz family, and the tzouras is a closely related, ancestral instrument. Featuring unwound steel strings and nickel wound strings, D’Addario’s baglama strings are appropriate for traditional tzouras instruments and complement the common D-A-D tuning.
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