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Autoharp Strings

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Oscar Schmidt Autoharp String Sets
Model A and Model B string sets feature thirty-six strings and fit 12 to 15 bar autoharps.

From June Carter Cash to The Rolling Stones, autoharps pop up in many musical genres but are most predominant in American folk music. With origins in Germany and popularized in the United States in the late 19th century, the autoharp is a box-type zither with 15 to 50 plus strings. Modern autoharps typically have thirty-six. Oscar Schmidt has been a leading autoharp manufacturer since the early 1900s. They supply high-quality autoharp strings complementing rhythmic chordal accompaniment and producing bright melodies.

Oscar Schmidt’s autoharp strings are available in two versions: Model A with eyelet ends and Model B with ball ends (like a guitar). Model A autoharp strings are designed for traditional autoharps built before 1967, while the Model B set is for modern autoharps made after 1967. To easily differentiate between the two models, check the tuning pins. The tuning pins of pre-1967 autoharps (Model A) are set at a slant. If they are straight, you have a Model B.
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