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Augustine Classical Guitar

A breakdown of Augustine Classical Guitar String Tensions.

You can also click this link to load the table in a new tab or window: Explanation of Augustine String Tensions. Looking for Single Strings rather than sets? Click Here: Augustine Single Strings.
Augustine Classical Blue, ANB
Price: $9.99
Augustine Classical Blue-Imperial, ANB-1
Price: $11.99
Augustine Classical Blue-Regal, ANB-R
Price: $11.99
Augustine Classical Gold, ANG
Price: $8.99
Augustine Classical Gold-Imperial, ANG-1
Price: $10.99
Augustine Classical Gold-Regal, ANG-R
Price: $10.99
Augustine Classical Red, ANR
Price: $9.99
Augustine Classical Red-Imperial, ANR-1
Price: $11.99
Augustine Classical Red-Regal, ANR-R
Price: $11.99
Augustine Classical Black (Silver), ANS
Price: $8.99
Augustine classical guitar sets are combinations of three types of treble strings and four types of bass strings with different tensions and materials for a total of twelve different sets.

The Classic Trebles, the lightest tension, are the original guitar strings designed by Albert Augustine in the 1940’s for Andres Segovia. The Imperial Trebles were created years later with a unique polymer material that produces a projecting, brilliant sound with clear tones and are medium tension which gives easier action than the Regals. The Regal Trebles, also composed of the special polymer, are the heaviest tension.

The Blue Bass strings are the heaviest of Augustine’s copper wound bass strings. Red Basses are medium tension copper wound strings, and the silver plated Black Basses are the lightest. The Gold Bass strings are made from gold plated classic nylon and are low tension. Though not specifically designed for this purpose, this is the preferred string of flamenco players. It should be noted that each string's sound, regardless of the tension, will vary between different instruments.
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