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Augustine Strings

There is perhaps no more impressive history in guitar and string craftsmanship than that of Augustine classical guitar strings.

Danish luthier Albert Augustine immigrated to the United States in the 1920’s to pursue his art. He was originally a guitar maker who did only a limited amount of experimentation with strings. However, a chance encounter with the legendary guitarist Andres Segovia would turn him into a string maker, and Augustine classical guitar strings would be born.

Segovia had been trying out the new nylon strings which had recently replaced the traditional gut variety, but he was not satisfied with the sound. The two men were introduced in 1946. As fate would have it, members of the Dupont family, who had originally made the nylon strings, could not dedicate the time necessary to perfect them. Augustine stepped in, and his specially treated nylon was a tremendous hit with Segovia and other professional guitarists. Augustine continued his work with the wound bass strings, developing a series of first-class classical strings that are widely hailed by guitarists around the world as among the best.
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