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Augustine Classical Blue-Regal, ANB-R

Augustine Classical Blue-Regal, ANB-R
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By A S.
February 10, 2021
Crisp, long lasting, the best high tension strings on the market, in my opinion.
By Bob B.
West Warwick, RI
Preliminary review--day two
January 16, 2021
The brand of strings I have generally used for many years reformulated their entire product line and the current reviews (and my own experience) are less than stellar. That said I have been trying a variety of strings that carry high marks here and on-line generally.

This lead me back to the Augustine label after some decades apart.

My current axe is a maple bodied, spruce topped, short 640 scale Torres style and is fussy about string tension and sound.

I installed the Augustine blue-regals a couple days ago. They are settling in nicely with only minor retuning at this point. Sound is refreshing and intonation seems good, although I have not tested it over the neck. However pieces that typically shown intonation problems quickly sound wonderful with these strings.

Trebles are crisp, moderately bright and lively. Basses are a little noisy under the fingers but so far sound and balance nicely with the trebles.

Of the several brands/lines I have tried in the passed few months these top the list in preference.
By erv
Hartland, Wisconsin
Augustine Blue Regals amazing
November 15, 2019
Just replaced the D'Addario J46's I was using with Augustine Blue Regals. The guitar is a 1974 Ramirez Concert "segovia model" (2a - Cedar/Brazilian). Made an amazing difference. The depth of sound and resonance across all strings is significantly increased. the trebles have a slightly more textured and "heavy" feel, but are still producing a very "glassy" sound, though I'd call the tone more warm and round vs the J46's. Both strings sets are Hard Tension. Projection is dumbfounding better on the Augustine's. Rubato tones are scary romantic/deep. I like to try lots of strings, I think the D'Addario's were very nice, but these just make the guitar come alive with tone especially with the Spanish/latin romantic repertoire I favor. The D'Addario's might have more "precise" play-ability for folks who favor Bach or Baroque style themes/composers.
+Deep, round tones +Amazing projection +warm -"Heavier" feel on the G/B Strings. but pretty negligible. -Could have been a bit longer (but my guitar is longer scale)
By Jae
Regal Blue
August 14, 2012
Nice tension, deeper bass than Reds. I have two guitars, same model, same woods. I set them up myself and they play and sound the same. This affords me a unique advantage when it comes to trying out new strings. Like most players, I wonder, "How will I ever know if I like one set better than another?" I recently bought a set of RED REGALS and a set of BLUE REGALS. I cleaned and restrung both of my guitars (La Patries) with these sets respectively. The tension feels about the same to me. The trebles feel and sound the same being both REGALS. The BLUE bass, however, is distinctly richer and deeper, perhaps louder. I like both sets very much, and I recommend them to anyone seeking hard tension with big bass.
By Edwin L.
High tension strings
February 20, 2011
I used these for the first time on my Grand Concert Flamenco and they deliver a bright sound across the register with ringing trebles and solid bases. These strings don't "tingle" as much as the lighter strings. My guitar is "Negra" with Br Rosewood back and sides with German Spruce top, all solid woods. It is a Santos Hernandez style.
By Paul W.
March 7, 2010
Great strings! I use these on a Taylor electric/acoustic and they work wonderfully.
By carlos o.
January 13, 2010
I'm pleased with services, I just wish i could buy separate Hannabach strings.



The Augustine String Line

"We use three different types of nylon.

1. Augustine Blue, Red, Black, and Gold all use one type of nylon for Trebles.

2. Augustine Regals use a second type of nylon for Trebles.

3. Augustine Imperials use a third type of nylon for Trebles.

Each nylon has a different quality of sound.


We have four different kinds of bass strings.

Blue : All Blue basses are the same.

We have Augustine Blue 4, 5, 6 with type 1 nylon.

We have Augustine Regal 4, 5, 6 with type 1 nylon.

We have Augustine Imperial 4, 5, 6 with type 1 nylon.

RED : All Red basses are the same .

We have Augustine Red 4, 5, 6 with Type 1 nylon.

We have Augustine Regal 4, 5, 6 with Type 1 nylon.

We have Augustine Imperial 4, 5, 6 with type 1 nylon.

The same goes for the Gold and Black basses.


If we want a 4th Blue, we will find that same string:

in a set of Augustine Blue.

in a set of Augustine Regal Blue.

in a set of Augustine Imperial Blue.


The trebles are differentiated by tone color-although the Regal 1, 2, and 3 will be a little more tense than the Regular or Imperial.

The same is true of the bass strings. Under identical conditions the blue basses are a little tighter than the red, but about the same as the regular. Again, there is no way you can advise someone what is best for him-all our bass tensions are very close-All our treble tensions are also very close. For that reason alone it's best for each guitarist to pick what is best for himself.


For those who cannot decide-the cheapest string is best and that is what I would recommend. "


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