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Pirastro Aricore viola strings were the company’s first line of synthetic strings. For six generations Pirastro has been making high-quality strings for bowed instruments, and the tone of the Pirastro Aricore strings is more traditional sounding than many other synthetic core strings. Combining traditional sound with innovational design, the Aricore is reminiscent to the tone of gut strings. Unaffected by humidity and temperature changes, the Aricore viola strings feature a polyester core and two types of winding. The winding is also resistant to corrosive elements such as oil and perspiration. The Pirastro Aricore strings feature aluminum winding on the A and D strings and silver on the G and C strings. The silver winding’s sensitivity and brightness helps provide balance to the darker sounded set, and Aricore strings are popular for players with bright and hard toned instruments. The polyester core also provides easy bowing response for increased playability.
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