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Aranjuez Classical Guitar Strings

Aranjuez Classic Silver, Medium Gauge, 300
Price: $6.91
Aranjuez Concert Silver, High Gauge, 400
Price: $8.44
Aranjuez Classic Gold, High Gauge, 600
Price: $8.44
Aranjuez Concert Gold, Low Gauge, 700
Price: $8.44
Spanish luthier Juan Orozco learned the art of guitar craftsmanship from his father. He began producing his own line of guitar strings after his customers complained about the current brands of strings. They were in search of more precise intonation and a richer tone. In 1968, Orozco began manufacturing Aranjuez classical guitar strings. A constant innovator, his guitar strings have become world renown. Referred to as "the strings of the masters," Aranjuez strings are used by professional concert musicians such as flamenco guitarist Carlos Montoya and classical players Celedonio Romero and Rey de la Torre.

As Juan Orozco himself describes it, the earliest nylon classical guitar string was no better than a common fishing line. His answer to this was to produce what he refers to as Calibrada-grade treble strings that are precisely calibrated for perfect intonation. Special care is given to the low E string. To prevent scraping sounds caused by the thumbnail hitting the thick winding of this string, the metal around the nylon core is wound in the direction opposite to that of the other strings. It is this attention to detail that makes classical Aranjuez guitar strings stand out from the rest.

The Spanish Silver, low gauge strings have silver-plated bass strings and black treble strings. They produce a brilliant, crisp tone with clear overtones. At the same time, they're very durable.

Aranjuez's Classic Silver, medium gauge strings feature the Calibrada-grade trebles and silver-plated basses. Orozco describes these strings as having great clarity with power and projection.

The Concert Silver is a high gauge set with silver-plated bass strings, transparent, calibrated treble strings and a warm, rich tone. These are their most popular strings.

Classic Gold, heavy gauge strings, also provide a warm tone with a "fat" sound and great projection. They're robust and durable, and feature the calibrated trebles and gold-plated bass strings. These strings are appropriate for guitars that have less natural vibrancy, such as plywood-made instruments. These strings are able to boost volume levels. We also have this same style as a package with only the lower three bass strings, for guitarists who like to use different tensions on their top and bottom strings.

The Aranjuez Concert Gold, low gauge has gold-plated basses and calibrated trebles. This string produces a brilliant and transparent sound with perfect projection and maximum tone. Its precision and fast response makes it a preferred string of professional soloists.
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