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Aquila Strings

Aquila ukulele strings are popular worldwide. Their innovative string materials replace gut and traditional nylon with the new Nylgut, Bionylon and Red Series strings that last longer but retain a traditional sound. A variety of tunings can be found in different sets for concert, soprano, tenor and baritone ukulele, as well as for the banjo ukulele, bass ukulele (Thundergut) and the guitarlele

Aquila also offers Nylgut strings for banjo, oud, cuatro, and charango. Fine silverplated strings wound on a nylgut core are used in their classical guitar sets.

Single ukulele strings come in wound Nylgut or unwound Red Series. The Nylgut singles are low G wounds for soprano, concert or tenor. The Red Series unwound low G singles are offered for soprano, concert, tenor and baritone, as well as a Low D for baritone.

Try our Aquila strings – you may find their unique material produce just the sound and longevity you want.

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